2007 Meeting Minutes


To: NYSCOS Executive Committee, NYSCOS Local Boards

Subject: 2007 NYSCOS Annual Meeting Minutes

From: John Hogan, NYSCOS Secretary/Treasurer

Date: August 15, 2007

1. President Clyde Best called the NYSCOS 2007 annual meeting to order at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Syracuse, NY at 9:30AM, on August 4, 2007. All NYSCOS executive committee members were present, except Neil Edkins and Dick Miller. All local boards were represented as certified by a roll call.

2. The 2006 annual meeting minutes were approved, as was the 2006 - 2007 treasurers’ report. A detailed financial report was provided to all local boards and all executive committee members. There was a limited discussion regarding the approved NYSCOS Uniform.

3. Alexis Murphy provided the 2006 girl’s state championship report. The 2007 Tournament will be held at SUNY Cortland. There was no Class A or B sportsmanship award given out in 2006. Alexis emphasized that the Section coordinator selects the referees who will work the State finals. She also urged that all local boards ensure that their referees meet selection criteria for the state championship - they must be registered with NYSCOS, pass the NFHS federation rules exam and participate in the fitness event. Todd Bruce was nominated for the girl’s referee of the year award.

4. Ab Leonard, the NYSCOS interpreter, provided his usual spirited, animated and very 21st century 2007 national federation rules interpretation. An outstanding effort by Abby, as always, well worth the ride/flight to Syracuse. The NFHS provided a well done 2007 rules MS Power Point presentation. Kevin McGoff volunteered to reproduce the CD. Kevin reproduced the CD and mailed one to each board. Kevin attempted to email the file to all but the file was just too large.

5. Mike Andrew, the Boy’s NYS Soccer Chairman addressed the meeting. Due to the efforts of Neil Edkins the alternate official will now get paid in addition to the NYSPHSAA contract stipend. The NYSPHSAA sportsmanship committee yellow card proposal will be voted on this week – more to follow. Several sections are still experimenting with OT procedures and game time lengths. At least 6 sections need to use a similar procedure to have the rule changed. We appreciate Mike taking the time to attend our meeting – his information and experience is invaluable.

6. Neil Edkins provided the 2006 boy’s state tournament report in absentia. A detailed written report was provided to all boards. The 2007 tournament will again be held in Oneonta, on 17-18 November 2007. 30 officials will again be required for the semi final round.

7. Mike Andrew, the Boy’s NYS Soccer Chairman addressed the meeting. He discussed the experiment with game times and OT. He indicated that the NYSPHSAA yellow card policy will include coaches and bench personnel. He further indicated that there is a new policy in place for selection of crews to officiate the Championship games in Oneonta. Mike also discussed the new NFHS rule regarding the penalty to coaches for having players with illegal equipment. He asked our group to enforce the rule in the spirit in which it was written. Also there will be a change in the rotation of opponents for the 2008 Class B and D state tournament. We always appreciate Mike’s attendance at our meeting.

8. Clyde Best mentioned that both Ted Woods and Stan Riggs will be inducted into the NYSPHSAA Hall of Fame on August 8, 2007. They are two of our own and long time athletic administrators and coaches as well. Congratulations to both Ted and Stan…

9. Clyde Best presented the Referee of the Year Awards to Ed McLaughlin and Todd Bruce. Ed was in attendance to accept his award and Neil Riddell accepted for Todd. Carol Wilson was presented the Distinguished Service Award. Russ Huber accepted for Carol. Clyde also presented the Distinguished Service Award to a very surprised and embarrassed John Hogan. It is a pleasure to work with such a great group of professionals….

10. NYSCOS election of officers was conducted. Neil Riddell, chairman of the NYSCOS nominating committee proposed that Neil Edkins be nominated as Member at Large. No other nominations from the floor were forthcoming. Clyde Best proposed that the Secretary cast one vote, seconded and approved and Neil Edkins was reelected as the NYSCOS member at large.

11. Thom Kadlubowski addressed the meeting regarding the territorial rights report. Thom read the list of boards who have not submitted their territorial rights report.

12. The NYSCOS 2007 annual meeting was adjourned at 12:20PM. Lunch was served for all participants. The 2008 NYSCOS annual meeting will be held August 2, 2008, 9:00AM at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Syracuse….