2008 Meeting Minutes


To: NYSCOS Executive Committee, NYSCOS Local Boards

From: John Hogan, NYSCOS Secretary/Treasurer

Date: September 15, 2008

Subject: 2008 Annual Meeting Minutes

1. Clyde Best, the NYSCOS President called d the 2008 NYSCOS Annual Meeting to order at 9:10AM, on August 2, 2008 at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Syracuse, NY.

2. A roll call of attendance was accomplished by a sign in sheet. Information packets and NYSPHSAA sportsmanship cards were distributed to each representative of each board. All 31 local boards were in attendance.

3. The 2007 Annual Meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve by Jim Miller, second by Alan Wharton – the 2007 minutes were approved as provided on the NYSCOS web site.

4. The 2008 treasurer’s report was presented. A handout of the details of the financial status of NYSCOS was provided to all boards and executive committee members. Motion to accept the report was made by Dan Oherron and seconded by Alan Wharton - the treasurer’s report was approved. There was a discussion regarding the NYSCOS dues for next year based on the probable increase in our insurance premium. Dave Longacre motioned that the NYSCOS dues may be increased not to exceed $5.00 per official based on our insurance premium bill. Alan Wharton seconded – the motion was approved.

5. Dick Miller, the NYSCOS nominating committee Chairman presented the new slate of officers: Thom Kadlubowski, President; Richard Leaf , 1st VP; Ed McLaughlin, 2d VP; John Hogan, Secretary Treasurer; Neil Edkins, Member at Large and Clyde Best, Past President. No other nominations were forthcoming. The secretary/treasurer was directed to cast one vote for Ed McLaughlin as 2d VP and John Hogan as Secretary Treasurer.

6. Neil Edkins presented the 2007 NYS Boy’s tournament report, a handout was provided. There was a significant discussion regarding overtime procedures. A clarification will be sent out to all boards before the start of the season.

7. Dave Yezzi provided the 2007 Girl’s tournament report for Alexis Murphy. Again the overtime procedure was discussed – clarification to all boards prior to the start of the season.

8. The Marsh Insurance decision not to cover one official on a soccer game was discussed. The Marsh position is with only one referee on a game we are violating the NFHS rules. NYSCOS has tried for many months to convince the NYSPHSAA to provide guidance on this issue. All local boards were asked to contact their Section representatives to enlist their support in our attempt to overturn this Marsh position. A handout was provided to all local boards.

PS: Subsequently this issue was resolved – Marsh will cover one official working alone. Thanks to all the local boards for your help with this.

9. Ab Leonard provided the 2008 NFHS rules interpretation using a very well done MS power point presentation. This PP document will be sent to all local boards by Kevin McGoff. A special emphasis was asked by the NYS boy’s soccer committee to deal with encroachment. NOCSAE approved shin guards must be worn by all players – no exceptions. NOCSAE seal and tag must be affixed to shin guard

10. The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Gail Dubois of the Delaware Otsego board. Neil Riddell made the presentation.

11. The Referee of the Year award was presented to Marc Pepin by Ab Leonard and to German Lesmes by Clyde Best.

12. There was no old business.

13. The NYSCOS uniform was briefly discussed – the black grid OSI shirt is an approved NYSCOS referee jersey. USSF logo and/or style uniforms are not approved for High School use.. Both officials must be dressed alike.

14. The 2009 Annual Meeting will be held August1, 2009 at the Embassy Suites hotel in Syracuse. Start time 9:00AM

15. The 2008 Annual meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted
John Hogan, NYSCOS Secretary /Treasurer