2010 Meeting Minutes


To: NYSCOS Executive Committee, NYSCOS Local Boards

From: John Hogan, NYSCOS Secretary/Treasurer

Date: August 3, 2010

Subject: 2010 Annual Meeting Minutes

  1. Thom Kadlubowski, NYSCOS President called the 2010 NYSCOS Annual Meeting to order at 9:30 AM, on July 31,2010 at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Syracuse, NY.
  2. A roll call of attendees was taken - all boards present. The local board directory was updated. Information folders were distributed to representatives of each board.
  3. The 2009 Annual Meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve by Alan Wharton, second by Ed McLaughlin – the 2009 minutes were approved as provided on the NYSCOS web site.
  4. The 2010 treasurer’s report was presented. A handout of the details of the financial status of NYSCOS was provided to all boards and executive committee members. Motion to accept the report was made by Alan Wharton and seconded by Ed McLaughlin - the treasurer’s report was approved. It was noted that an audit of the NYSCOS treasury was performed by a CPA. Results were provided to the NYSCOS executive committee. All financial actions were accomplished within generally accepted accounting procedure.
  5. Ab Leonard provided the 2010 NFHS rules interpretation using a very well done MS power point presentation purchased from the NFHS by NYSCOS. NYSCOS provided copies to all local boards at the meeting – once again this year, thanks to Ed McLaughlin for his computer expertise and efforts.
  6. Neil Edkins provided the boy’s 2009 Championship report. Neil‘s report was sent out by email prior to the meeting. Please refer to that report for details. There may be some clarifying information forthcoming as a result of the NYSPHSAA meeting on August 5th. If received, that info will be forwarded to each local board
  7. Alexis Murphy presented the 2009 Girl’s State Championship report. Alexis forwarded her report to local boards by email prior to the meeting – please refer to that report for details.
  8. The NYSCOS nominating committee, chaired by Clyde Best, presented Mike Smith as its nomination to serve as NYSCOS 2nd Vice President. No nominations were received from the floor. Dan O’herron moved that the nominations be closed and that the NYSCOS secretary cast one vote to elect Mike Smith as NYSCOS. Motion seconded by Kevin McGoff. Mike Smith was elected as NYSCOS 2nd Vice President. The nominating committee presented John Hogan as its nomination to be reelected as the NYSCOS Secretary/Treasurer. No nominations were received from the floor. Mike Rennick moved that the nominations be closed and that the NYSCOS secretary cast one vote to reelect John Hogan. The motion was seconded by Kevin McGoff. John Hogan was reelected as the NYSCOS secretary/treasury.
  9. There was no old business.
  10. There was a question regarding the NYSCOS physical fitness event. NYSCOS policy is that non participation in this event will bar a referee from officiating in the NYS boys/girls tournament. This is a long standing policy. Local boards may add to this policy. A Mid State SOA representative motioned that the 2011 NYSCOS dues be zero ($0). This motion was not seconded and was not discussed.
  11. Andy Adelman, Section 6, Western NY SOA, was presented the boys Referee of the Year award by Thom Kadlubowski and Neil Edkins. There was no girl’s award this year….
  12. The 2011 Annual Meeting will be held August 6th, 2011 at TBA (Syracuse Area). Start time 9:30AM. It is critical that all boards attending the meeting be able to stay for the entire meeting. Return flights should not be booked for departures earlier than 3:00PM
  13. The 2010 Annual meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM. Lunch was served in the Embassy cafe

Respectfully submitted
John Hogan, NYSCOS Secretary /Treasurer